About Riddhi Siddhi Vishal International

Riddhi Siddhi Vishal International, we make the best of the Hindu God idol models that you are searching for. We can get you the one that suits your needs from a wide variety of customizable options. Every piece of art that we produce is perfectly handcrafted and only by the best artists who guarantee that they have no flaws whatsoever and you can keep them in your living room to create the divine ambience or in the temple also. Each of these sculptures is a piece of artful mastery and the ultimate testimony to patience and commitment to artistic endeavours. It is an embodiment of the godly appearance and beauty.
The only raw materials we use to make the idols are the best qualities marble, bronze, brass, and high. The material that we use not only ensures durability but also adds that sense of authenticity and respect to the symbols we place before our holy idols. Each of our idols represents the authenticity of Hindu mythology and beliefs. The expert craftsmen carve on the traditional iconography and scripture designs. This is why the way we depict our idols through our art is both of a spiritual and cultural nature.
We offer a range of sizes that are available and the styles to meet the needs or tastes of the individuals. Eternal Buddha Statues in different sizes and styles are available for individual worship or for temples and public spaces. We have got a plethora of temple deities for you to pick from - Bhagwan Murtis like Hanuman, Laxmi Narayan, Ram Darbar, Ganesh, Durga, Saraswati, Dattatreya, Ardhnarishwar, Radha Krishna, Shiva Family. Therefore, feel free to order all sorts of Shivlingas with us. We manufacture them out precisely with no flaw at all. We, together with our customers, respect such beliefs and also bring them to our making